By Hamidah In Publications

The Answer to our Problems … Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a revolutionary discovery that has solved some of the most significant issues that has faced North America.

Elon Musk is proving that right now with the climate change and global warming crisis. Elon has decided to make a plan out revolutionary technologies to aid in the process of colonizing Mars.

Computer engineering can be seen in our day to day lives and has a large impact on our lifestyle. It has also made its mark in transportation, and even our alarm systems. It is also an innovative source of competition business and manufacturing establishments are using computer engineering to meet production and quality needs.

In relation to my previous paragraph I will be writing about how I’m reinforcing the good qualities of computer engineering and my take on Elon Musk’s project.

I am working on a computer science project. This project caught my interest due to articles talking about the choice of humans colonizing on Mars. But there were many people just writing about the problems that will come when following through with the colonization. I was trying to figure out what I was going to focus on; maybe I wanted to work on how we would be able to sustain ourselves. I am currently working on; how we would get the frozen water to drinking water temperature, how to create our breath without a hefty suit, how to create food, and how to create a habitat that won’t blow away in the vigorous winds. I have incorporated some architecture to help build a shelter and our mode of transportation on how we are going to get to Mars.

In my opinion I see computer engineering as a job that makes and allows jobs to happen. Without computer engineers, the world would be a stand-still. Computer engineers make and fix computers that run programs that keep everything on and in order. Without this, everything would be chaos, nothing would run smooth, and everything would go wild.

So I believe this is one of the most important jobs of today.

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