By Hamidah In Publications

Reading a Book

I discovered a life changing contraption when I was three years old. It even got better as I grew older. It can take you on your dream vacation using your imagination; it can make you feel whatever you want whenever you want. Well, do You want to know what it is? Well, we’ll get to that later.

Dear students, judges, ladies and gentlemen, witnesses of the world. Get ready to buckle up and let me take you on a vacation.

Can we all agree that we need a breather? School and work… it’s all too much. So I have an idea: let’s go to Hawaii! We should leave immediately. We have finally arrived.. It is breathtaking: the warmth of the sand kissing your skin, the rippling waves sound like the song of the hummingbird. The smell of the palm trees and the fresh air. Oh I wish we could stay here forever. We got here fairly quickly. How? Oh I forgot I was just reading a book.
But isn’t that cool how a book can take you on a vacation in less than five seconds?

But why should I read a book when I could buy my own plane ticket? Well, because of words. One word is the key that can get you whatever you want. Through communication spoken and written, we tell our stories. I believe that everyone has a story and we all have the ability to make our own; and that’s the importance of literature. Literature can be explained as a language. Literature is another way to view our history. It is our largest collective reference. If we took a lot better care of our literature, we would know so much more about who we are.

You still don’t believe me? Well let me tell you a story.

For most middle school students, bullying happens, and the after effects are detrimental. Bullying had affected one of my closest friends and I had to help her. I knew she loved stories, so I told her a story called “Where the Wild Things are” authored and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I saw a smile on her face and I smiled too. It wasn’t just because of the story… it was because we knew we had each other’s back. And that’s what literature has done for me.

So the final question is:
Why do we neglect these books, these stories, these thoughts, if they create such great connections? When it comes to books, let’s treat them like comets: they should be dazzling, eye-opening and over before you know it.But let’s give books a chance.

It’s easy, just pick up that book that you left on the floor and start reading, comprehending, and thinking.
Now once again students, judges, ladies and gentlemen, witnesses of the world, we have finished our vacation. Next time, start yours with the power of a story.

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