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How And Why Donald Trump Won

There is a sense of delight and revulsion being felt in the United States as both parties attempt to contemplate the event that took place as of, the 8th and 9th of November.

Throughout the election process, the phrase ” If Donald Trump wins ” circulated almost every newsroom, as that phrase became history in the second week of November. We all wonder, how and why? Weren’t we told, to enumerate, reassured at numerous twists and turns during the US presidential campaign, that Hillary Clinton would be arriving with great magnitude into the White House? That Bill Clinton would be the first gentleman? That there was no way that America would elect someone who is perceived as racist, anti-Semitic, opinionated, xenophobic, misogynistic, and prejudiced, wouldn’t you associate these characteristics with being unfit to be president?

Resentment and grievance have squandered onto the streets of several American municipalities, with a great deal of Americans rallying against Donald Trump’s unanticipated election conquest. Trump, a 72-year-old capitalist who has made egregious acknowledgements about women, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, the disabled, and various minorities, won the presidency after attaining more than the 270 electoral votes required to be victorious.

So the question is: Just how did Donald Trump win the election?
There are various answers to the question. The response includes different aspects such as; Donald Trump’s extreme behaviour, low voter turnout, a continuous pattern, desperate Americans, the media and the internet.

Politicians are always looking for ways to connect with the public: Donald Trump was able to discover his way of connecting with the public through social media, most popularly – twitter. The rise of the internet not only allows for distribution of campaign ideas ( Or in this case, his rude acknowledgements towards whoever offended him). This is an unknown fact but people are able to analyse people’s feedback towards their comments through almost any social media platform. This works in his favour by allowing Donald Trump to freely change based on the results provided.

Social Media has allowed Donald Trump to fundraise online, and have voter mobilization, which was not previously available. The internet has the ability to form the political landscape. Clinton’s loss could have been because of her lack of usage of social media. Although Donald made astonishing remarks it allowed the election to become a more engaging process, more importantly, the people of the younger generation. The use of the internet goes as far back as 1992 by the Clinton’s with approximately 800 postings a day at the height of the campaign. The internet first became important in the 1996 election, with each major candidate for president had their political website.

Voter turnout has been declining in the United States throughout history, through potential voters, personal choice not to vote because of ineligibility.
Accordingly, research findings suggest that a large percentage of individuals are not voting because major political parties fail to appeal to the voters.

The feeling of disinterest from the candidates causes the voting population to lose interest in the campaign and late voter registration, and by the time they realize they have not registered themselves, the election is upon them. Since 1912, only about 50-65 percent of Americans have voted in presidential elections and still fewer in other elections: 40-50 percent in off-year congressional elections and as few as 10-20 percent in primaries and minor local elections.

The right to vote originally quite limited was expanded in various historical surges to include in nearly all adults and to apply to most major offices. Turnout is lower than it was in the late nineteenth century in the United States and lower than in other democratic countries. It has continued to decrease not including the recent presidential election.

The historic division brought voters out in droves for this presidential election.
More than 46 million people voted before Election Day, breaking early-voting records and fueling Democrats’ confidence in clinching the presidency.

Donald Trump’s win could be because of his silent majority which was disregarded during the election. Hillary Clinton’s main support system failed to deliver during this election. Her support system which was mainly African-Americans and non-white voters. Even though a staggering amount of polls predicted a Clinton win it was because of these minorities. In hindsight, Donald Trump was such an extremely gregarious persona that the public and media assumed Clinton would win, and the attention towards the democratic party caused Clinton to appear as a premonition of Obama, which is advantageous, but people forgot that Obama was a heroic idea, because his race brought pride to people like himself. Clinton could have lost because of her inability to sustain the pride of Obama’s voters.

Hillary Clinton has had her share of problems during the election process. The damage to her campaign was as a result of her private email, now unknowingly has tarnished her reputation. Notwithstanding the fact that the FBI instantaneously shut down the investigation in July, and cleared Mrs Clinton of malpractice. Interrogatory statements have been heightened about the barbaric proceeds to the Clinton Foundation. Mr Trump has also put public attention on the fact that Clinton took part in pushing back the women who claimed to have had relations with her spouse.
Wikileaks has been releasing hacked emails that have shown troublesome converse among the Clinton personnel.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s conquest has some logical reasoning behind it.
We should resort to this quote to help us further understand what took place as of the 8th and 9th of November. “If we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end.” – Bayard Rustin

His victory can be held accountable as a result of media bias, use of the internet, Mr. Trump’s extreme persona, Hillary Clinton’s past, low voter turnout and Americans being desperate for change. Overall, this election was an astonishing event.

We shall continue to be able to analyse the presidential candidate to realize our future steps to a better country.

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